What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a farm management system that focuses on restoring and enhancing the health of the soil and ecosystem. Its goal is to sequester carbon dioxide in the soil, improving its fertility, physical, and microbiological properties, and reducing the need for mineral fertilizers. The Key to a Sustainable Future In light of global challenges […]

Anna Danylczenko recognized in Forbes Woman Poland ranking

Forbes Woman Poland has once again presented a ranking of courageous and inspiring women worth watching, who change the world for the better, who play key roles in the development of business, science, culture and social life We are happy to announce that among the 23 female leaders in 2023, we can find our Founder […]

Why is it worth liming the soil in Poland? – Anna Danylczenko for

Popular Polish agricultural portal featured an article that resulted from cooperation with Anna Danylchenko, Founder of the Grunt od nowa Foundation. The material is devoted to the fascinating subject of liming, which is not only a simple, but also an extremely effective method that affects soil quality and yields. In the article you will […]

What causes soil acidification?

Soil acidification is mainly related to the negative impact of climate on soil processes. Soil acidification may lead to a decrease in the assimilation of nutrients necessary for plant development, which will result in lower yields. How to avoid the leaching of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium? Check out our today’s video!    

How to increase yields by taking care of pH?

Since Poland acceded to the EU, the consumption of NPK has increased by as much as 31%. How has this affected the quality of the soil? How much have the yields increased? How much do we lose, and how much can we gain by liming the soil? Find out the answers to these and other […]

Soil Research – the easiest way to get more profit!

The basic tool for verifying the production potential of our field is soil testing, i.e. determining the parameters that shape the production capacity of the soil. And the key to success is proper soil sample collection and professional interpretation of test results.

What is soil humus for?

Soil humus is an organic part of the soil, which is formed from the remains of plants and animals, and decomposed by soil microorganisms. How is the ingredient that makes up 85% of all soil organic matter and is its effect on plants important? Check on your own!  

Is your soil fertile? Check it out in 15 minutes!

How to check and independently assess whether the soil is fertile? Are we able to effectively collect soil samples at home? In this episode, we will show you how to quickly and effectively assess soil properties to make the dream of healthy soil a reality.

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