CSR offer for companies

The Foundation supports corporations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Training and general workshops in the area of green transformation

- Agriculture and its impact on the economy, with particular emphasis on the financial, insurance, and food industries.
- Offset CO2 using underestimated regenerative projects in rural areas.
- Introduction to the issue of natural capital as an investment potential and a tool for achieving the goals of a green strategy in a company.

What does the program get?

Training is one of the methods of development. Thanks to them, employees gain new competencies, which then constitute significant capital for the company.

Practical support in the green transformation

- Regenerative Farmer Academy; ESG leader, winner of the Diamond Award in the Educational Program category.
- Webinars for employees and suppliers in the area of regenerative practice in agriculture.
- Stationary training in the area of regenerative practice.
- Field workshops on regenerative farms in Poland and Europe.
- Substantive assistance for producers during the transformation and implementation of regenerative practices.

What do you get in a given program?

Support for suppliers of the food industry, agricultural producers, breeders, fruit and vegetable producers.

Employee volunteering and investments in green public space projects

Creating green public spaces in a regenerative spirit - Pocket forests,
- Rain gardens
- Social greengrocers

What do you get in a given program?

Publicly available green space allows you to spend time more or less actively. Employees and busy city dwellers need a breath and contact with nature, which they miss every day. Participation in organizing and maintaining green spaces gives the opportunity to have a real impact on the surrounding environment.

Design and implementation of wild green spaces

Implementation of projects from 1 square meter on degraded concrete and asphalt areas.

What do you get in a given program?

Green has a beneficial effect on mental and physical health. It acts as an air-purifying filter, reducing the formation of smog. Appropriate arrangement of green surfaces helps to cool the air and reduces the “heat island” effect.

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