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Our mission? Regeneration!

Actions for the revitalization and regeneration of soil are not only our passion but also an effective way to improve the condition of our environment. The Grunt od Nowa Foundation is responsible for the comprehensive preparation of soils in regenerative technologies and the preparation of clean care procedures. We work with farmers, large corporations, local governments, and non-governmental organizations. We implement international standards by measuring the effectiveness of our projects on an ongoing basis to create a better tomorrow together!

Regenerative Farmer Academy

The Regenerative Farmer Academy is a unique project in the country. It is 6. months full of knowledge and 12 online webinars for farmers, during which we popularize knowledge about regenerative agriculture. Each training is conducted by practitioners and researchers who are in contact with modern agriculture on a daily basis and as experts who […]

The youngest farmer in Poland

Filip Drescher is a 16-year-old boy from Murów, Poland. While many people think about learning, hobbies or fun in their teens, Filip decided to take up farming and become a farmer. He is one of the youngest farmers in Poland, and at the same time manages his entire farm. Seeing the talent and commitment of […]


As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Good is the only thing that multiplies when shared.” The joint work of the Grunt does Nowa Foundation and the Digital University Foundation as part of the Be. Eco campaign is a perfect example of how sharing goods can bring benefits to the entire society and the natural environment. The Grunt […]

Agricultural soil regeneration projects

For 4 years we have been working on the technology of soil regeneration using the power of local mineral rocks and the results of the work of microbiologists in this area. We managed to include Caltech Life, a product that accelerates the reconstruction of the most valuable layer in the soil, i.e. humus, a storehouse […]

Social Garden – Zielone Piaski

PROJECT IN PROGRESS – FUNDRAISING IN PROGRESS  Zielone Piaski is a social garden created on the site of the former hydrophore plant between the blocks of flats at Aleja Reymonta 10 and 10A in Warsaw. We had the opportunity to support this project with our knowledge, and now we want to develop it further! The […]

Regenerative farms

One of our goals is to increase soil humus, and thus the abundance, fertility, and soil water capacity. As a bonus, we include the production costs reduction by reducing the doses of synthetic fertilizers and chemicalization. We do it wisely, i.e. we give specific guidelines on how to introduce treatments that guarantee the above into […]

Help for Ukraine

The Grunt od Nowa Foundation was established for a different purpose, but the consequences of the brutal war meant that we gave it a more important cause, systemic assistance to Ukrainian refugees who came to us. Our activities were focused on people staying at the help point at Wołoska 7 in Warsaw, intended for Ukrainian […]

Green Wall

We believe in the power of children’s joy of discovering, experimenting, and persuading others to their goals, which is why we operate according to the principle that what the shell soaks in youth smacks of in old age. By implementing projects aimed at the youngest, we show how (even in a small area) to develop […]


The main goal of the foundation has always been to spread knowledge verified in practice that allows for the implementation of profitable regenerative agriculture. Agricultural regenerative practices lead to the restoration of nature’s cycles, improved soil fertility, and water quality, biodiversity restoration, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we support young generations […]

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    Zdrowa, żyzna gleba to nasza wspólna sprawa. Wiemy to od lat, dlatego od ponad 30 lat wykorzystujemy badania naukowe, analizy i nawozy najwyższej jakości, by dbać o jakość polskich gleb. Nasza misja to REGENERACJA.