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In our foundation, we believe that good multiplies if you share it. It’s the same with knowledge. The Foundation develops, prepares, and conducts many workshops and lectures (thanks to the experts, scientists, lecturers, and specialists in various fields cooperating with us, we offer a wide range of topics).

We declare the possibility of organizing tailor-made training/workshops/webinars – with experienced trainers/speakers, and a wide network of contacts, everything is possible.

We cooperate with, among others:


  • Digital University – an educational organization in Poland, offering market leaders educational experience at a global level and in-depth knowledge in the field of digital transformation and building a digital mindset.
  • Be.Eco – a program aimed at building environmental awareness among teachers, students of primary and secondary schools and their parents
  • Kiss the Ground – a foundation that has been building social awareness around the extraordinary potential of healthy soil since 2013, educating and activating millions of people interested in regeneration.
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences,


and other entities that share one goal – proving that nature pays off.

Who is this project aimed at?

If you are a farmer

Knowledge broadens horizons and needs to be constantly updated. Climate change is and will increasingly affect the way farming is conducted. To be able to live peacefully in the belief that we will manage in any circumstances, we must have a sense of confidence. Raising qualifications and acquiring new skills can provide us with this. Join us and allow yourself to gain knowledge verified in practice!

If you are a CSR department

How much impact does corporate social responsibility have on the operation of the company? Is it a challenge? What benefits does the company gain thanks to a responsible attitude? The short answer is: it depends on what we care about… Corporate social responsibility is a term that has become common in the business world for years. But how to catch up with all this? Why is it worth taking CSR activities in your company and how to draw real benefits from them? Find out!

If you care about the planet

Lifelong learning is one of the basic human needs. After all, knowledge is our most important asset. Have you ever wondered how regenerative farming differs from traditional farming? What does the process of growing vegetables look like, which then lands on your table? Support the Foundation and let us continue to educate current and future generations

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implemented projects

Regenerative Farmer Academy

The Regenerative Farmer Academy is a unique project in the country. It is 6. months full of knowledge and 12 online webinars for farmers, during which we popularize knowledge about regenerative agriculture. Each training is conducted by practitioners and researchers who are in contact with modern agriculture on a daily basis and as experts who […]

The youngest farmer in Poland

Filip Drescher is a 16-year-old boy from Murów, Poland. While many people think about learning, hobbies or fun in their teens, Filip decided to take up farming and become a farmer. He is one of the youngest farmers in Poland, and at the same time manages his entire farm. Seeing the talent and commitment of […]


As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Good is the only thing that multiplies when shared.” The joint work of the Grunt does Nowa Foundation and the Digital University Foundation as part of the Be. Eco campaign is a perfect example of how sharing goods can bring benefits to the entire society and the natural environment. The Grunt […]

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