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The Foundation supports farmers in the process of soil regeneration, reconstruction of their fertility and yield potential.

Regenerative Farmer Academy

- 12 substantive training courses on all aspects of modern farming
- access to training materials and self-evaluation quizzes
- over 10 fields, including: agricultural technology, finance in agriculture, biology, computer science in agriculture. The project was awarded the "ESG Leaders" Diamond Award in the "Educational Project" category.

What will you gain by enrolling in the Academy?

As a participant of the Regenerative Farmer Academy, you gain access to 12 substantive training courses conducted by experts and practitioners in the field of agriculture.

Thanks to the knowledge from the Academy, you will be able to regenerate the soil and increase yield on your farm, use the “Carbon Farming” eco-scheme, meet the requirements of the European Green Deal and the Common Agricultural Policy.

Want to check if this program is for you? Sign up and you will receive the first two trainings for free!

Individual advice for the farm

in terms of: - implementation of regenerative practice,
- implementation of coal programs,
- implementation of other funding programs,
- implementation of eco schemes - in particular, carbon farming.

What will you gain?

Support from our own experts and specialists from the market we invite to cooperate. Together we will help you diagnose the needs and possibilities of your farm, and increase its profitability by obtaining new sources of financing – grants, carbon credits, and eco schemes as part of direct payments to farmers.

Training projects for agronomists

We also support agronomists. We organize trainings: - field,
- stationary,
- online.

What will you gain?

For agronomists, we offer training tailored to their needs – both in the context of the form and subject of the training. We specialize in modern techniques of soil regeneration, soil life restoration, soil microbiology, as well as carbon programs.

Contact us and together we will determine the training needs of the group, determine the substantive scope and select the appropriate expert-leader.

Individual training projects for farmers and producer groups

Are you looking for a specific training for farmers or producer groups? We offer training: - field,
- stationary,
- online.

What kind of training do we organize?

We always select the thematic scope to the needs of the group. Tell us your needs, and together we will determine the thematic scope of the training, and its form, and then we will choose the perfect expert – from among members and regular associates of the Foundation or our partner network.

Want to see how we operate in practice? Read about the farms we already work with!

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