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The company has been taking care of the quality of Polish soils for 25 years. It provides proven, local products for soil liming and high-quality microbiological preparations and provides specialized services for the sake of soil fertility. Techmot are experienced specialists in the field of soil regeneration research who know that healthy soil begins with professional testing of its reaction, abundance, amount of humus, and microbiological life.

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Łąki Kwietne

Łąki Kwietne is a company built on the experience and commitment of a group of experts - enthusiasts of wildflowers. Since 2014, they have been working to promote the idea of ​​creating useful meadows in Polish cities. Thanks to multifaceted activities and intensive communication, Łąki Kwietne gained the favor of the inhabitants, and within a few years, the flower revolution became a fact.

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Digital University Foundation

The Digital University Foundation is a leading educational organization in Poland, offering nationwide free educational programs for primary and secondary schools. They also direct their activities to children from orphanages and residents of smaller towns. They educate in the field of new technologies, expand ecological awareness, and help in understanding and adapt ing to the ever-changing world.

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Świat Wody

A portal bringing together scientists and experts in various fields related to water resources. The authors of the blog are a group of enthusiasts who want to share their water knowledge.

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Manifest Klimatyczny

On a daily basis, they deal with environmental issues - cleaning waters, and soils or managing rainwater. They are scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts, but also parents and citizens. They see what can be done to reverse the damage humans have done to our planet, step by step. Apoliticality cannot mean indifference. That's why we act. We do it for our children!

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HarvestCare offers online nutritional coaching online, which helps individuals to transition towards a healthy, sustainable diet on a budget. They use an evidence-based approach to create long-lasting behavior change. HarvestCare is part of Venture Studio in Rotterdam, which focuses on scaling the transition of regenerative organic agriculture in Europe.

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