Nature pays off

By supporting Grunt od Nowa projects, you finance not only the regeneration of the soil, but the entire Earth’s ecosystem

Our goal is to provide current and future generations with access to healthy food, at an affordable price and in sufficient quantity. By protecting nature, we protect ourselves and future generations.

Our mission is a consistent, gradual regeneration of soils in Poland.

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The goals of the foundation are ambitious and will remain so

Healthy, fertile soil is our common cause.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the statute of the foundation.

Key people for the Foundation

Anna Danylczenko


Tomasz Niedziński

President of the foundation

Agnieszka Detlaf

Vice-president of the foundation

How was the foundation Grunt od Nowa founded?

The Grunt od Nowa Foundation was created out of passion for a common sense and knowledge-based approach to soil and the need to transform agricultural practices. We have been caring for Polish land’s quality for 25 years. We know that whether we can afford to provide food for ourselves and our loved ones, whether we will have enough drinking water, depends on the quality of the soil and its green, all-year-round cover. Our well-being lies directly under our feet.

Although the foundation was established in response to the need to transform agricultural practice, we believe that the responsibility for the condition of our soils lies not only with farmers, but is our common cause. The condition of the earth determines what our near future will look like. We know that without support and access to the latest knowledge, farmers will not be able to reverse the degenerative processes on their own, and we will all pay the price for it. Fortunately, farmers are not alone. They have us – a community of activists and experts.

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