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Foundation Grunt od Nowa has 25 years of experience

We are experienced soil specialists.
For years we have been researching and developing comprehensive action plans to support farmers in a smooth transition to a regenerative path. In our daily work, we use the natural power of rocks and microorganisms as well as the intelligence and experience of practitioners.

Thanks to its activities, the Grunt od Nowa Foundation allows farmers, enterprises, local governments, schools, activists, researchers, and enthusiasts of our planet to implement sustainable development goals measurably and tangibly so that anyone who wants to get involved can feel the impact of positive changes on my skin. Nature pays off!

We gained our experience by running the Techmot company

The company has been taking care of the quality of Polish soils for 25 years. It focuses on common sense and a knowledge-based approach to soil and has access to research and solutions from around the world. It strives to improve soil fertility while inhibiting the processes of its degeneration. In cooperation with the Foundation and Techmot, it was possible to develop practical action plans aimed at regenerating soils, which in turn will serve to restore the balance of the natural environment.

Let’s act together, both on our balconies, green areas in housing estates, in parks, gardens, and orchards, as well as on large-area agricultural fields. Healthy soil starts with science and proactive action. Although we are racing against time, we know that we will manage because good likes multiply when it embraces each of us.

How do we use Techmot's experience and capabilities in the Foundation?

Expert knowledge

We know how to advise clearly and substantively. We offer solutions that meet customer needs.

Qualified advisers

In everyday work, we focus on knowledge and experience. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our activities.

Modern solutions

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and technological capabilities, we care about access to the latest work tools.

Trusted partners

We offer durable solutions that are easy to use and directly translate into profit.

What is the official relationship between Techmot and the Foundation?

Techmot operates as an independent service provider that develops commercial projects. The foundation treats Techmot as a business partner.

Grunt od Nowa allows Techmot to participate in selected research and projects, as part of donations made by it, for activities implementing the statutory goals of the foundation.


This combination makes it possible to serve a wide range of clients while maintaining a viable business model and increasing the flow of funds between partners

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    Zdrowa, żyzna gleba to nasza wspólna sprawa. Wiemy to od lat, dlatego od ponad 30 lat wykorzystujemy badania naukowe, analizy i nawozy najwyższej jakości, by dbać o jakość polskich gleb. Nasza misja to REGENERACJA.