Social Garden – Zielone Piaski


Zielone Piaski is a social garden created on the site of the former hydrophore plant between the blocks of flats at Aleja Reymonta 10 and 10A in Warsaw. We had the opportunity to support this project with our knowledge, and now we want to develop it further!

The main assumption of the initiative is to regenerate the green area and revive the estate by handing it over to the residents and children from the nearby Kindergarten No. 308. The garden has a positive impact on the environment, and activates the local community – it can be used for contemplation and observation of nature.

Now we want to go a step further and continue our cooperation.

What’s in our plans? Soil regeneration, pocket forest, or rain garden and expand your community garden space!

Support the project below or keep reading!

See how it was and how it is!

Effects of work

What work has been done so far?

Thanks to the funds raised, 24 raised beds were purchased. Their guardians can independently decide about the plants they will plant. The area is open and serves contemplation and observation of nature. The initiators of the project would like the garden to become a meeting place and neighborhood integration. The project was implemented as part of a local initiative with funds from the Capital City of Warsaw through the Bielany District Office.

Do you want to learn how to initiate such a project in your estate?

How will we continue with the project?

We will create a fence for the garden and a flower meadow with plants (such as fruit bushes and hawthorn). We will also increase the number of flower beds. How do we do it?

1. We will prepare the ground – we will examine the quality of the soil and then regenerate or feed it as needed. We will estimate the number of additional beds and shrubs needed to prepare the green fence.
2. We will regenerate the soil of the flower meadow.
3. We will make additional beds and plant a green fence.

We want to give the city and nature a unique place – a pocket forest or a rain garden. Which of these forms of urban greenery we will make will depend on the analysis of the terrain and technical possibilities. At this stage, we will carry out this analysis and prepare the site (soil and infrastructure) for both of these forms. Our steps?

1. We will perform a site analysis and designate the site, taking into account all legal regulations – construction, ownership, as well as water and sewage infrastructure.
2. We will prepare the ground for the roots of trees and shrubs.
3. We will prepare the final design of the rain garden and pocket forest – including the number and type of plants, and planting plan.
4. We will carry out construction and installation works for the implementation of urban greenery, we will obtain all necessary consents in advance – this is the most complicated stage of the project, but we know that we will manage!

We will make all plantings in a pocket forest or rain garden. Wait for the results of the work!


We only need funds to complete the project, thanks to which we will finish the work we have started.

Thanks to this, we will improve the quality of air, soil, and water retention – and the lives of the residents of the Piaski estate. It’s a small green for Warsaw, a big step for the whole planet!


The photo shows the first urban pocket forest in Poznań, Poland.  See more.

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